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Anelda Mare faces five years in a terrifying prison. 13x06 Drug Runner Mom. Since 2006, there have been a total of 13 regular series, plus a special series called Kidnapped Abroad. Rafael Arguelles is a gangster by the age of 17 but faces life-threatening consequences after going undercover for the FBI against his former friends. "I thought I would kick up my heels together like 'Oh my God, I'm finally out,'" he says. Now, Billy tells the real story of being sent to the infamous Turkish Samalclar prison. An Australian lands in jail after joining an Indian ashram. They tried to squeeze Fainberg to get Seidle. He'll stop at nothing to get his man, but when tragedy strikes, vengeance takes hold, and he makes a fatal mistake that tears his world apart. Eventually he becomes a wanted man and goes on the run. Johns paid $100 to rent a VIP room downstairs. In South Korea, English teacher Jesse Moskel becomes the kingpin of a huge MDMA smuggling operation and one of Southeast Asia's most wanted men. For the first time, he tells us how he infiltrates a deadly motorcycle gang. A legitimate British arms dealer is approached to supply weapons to a group of terrorists, he goes undercover for British Intelligence to prevent the massacre of innocent people. Henry Hill of 'Goodfellas' tells the true story of his rise and fall in the mob. But life in the fast lane soon takes its toll on her finances and she decides the only way to keep the dream alive is to use her beauty brand as a ruse to ship drugs. Reptile smuggler Tom Crutchfield fled to Belize. 2013-05-28T23:00:00Z 9x08 Vegas Mobster. Despite believing that 'everyone is paid off' at Caracas airport, he is caught and arrested. Then, the true story behind the award-winning movie Argo - the daring CIA rescue of six American diplomats during the Iranian hostage crisis. Hope we see you again! Freshen up your watchlist with Prime Videos latest roster of streaming movies and TV shows. But Tabitha is about to enter a world far darker than the one she's escaping. Soon he has it all the money, the lifestyle, the status but he loses everything when he is drawn into a shadowy drug-smuggling operation from which he cannot escape. : "Lost among foreigners"), "Vangistatud Vlismaal" (Eng. Keith and his crew are quickly surrounded by heavily armed FARC guerrillas. Falco is facing life in prison and becomes an informer. Erez and Reini are snatched by Colombian guerrillas, and grow more desperate as the months pass. Follow the worlds most daring and dangerous criminals, from a drug trafficking war hero, to a Latin King street boss and a feminist drug baron. Henry Hill of 'Goodfellas' tells the true story of his rise and fall in the mob. Tarzan and one of his partners, Fat Tony Galeota, had opened a strip club in Panama similar to a previous enterprise in Miami called Porkys but they landed behind bars in 4. Nonton Banged Up Abroad - English Documentary TV series di Disney+ Hotstar sekarang. She loves it so much that when her money runs out, she overcomes her initial fears and hides 2 pounds of hashish in a statue, mailing it off to Europe to make some quick cash. Blackmailed by two cops, a drug dealer goes undercover. Susan tries to adopt baby Marko, who has no papers. There he picks up 7 pounds (3.2 kilos) of cocaine carried in cans of hairspray. Movies. Skier Nick Brewer is caught smuggling cocaine into Europe in wine bottles. Miami mobster Tony Galeota is a strip-club supremo. When Dwight Worker tries to bring cocaine into the U.S. he ends up in the "Black Palace" in Mexico fighting for his life. Marshals deported Ludwig Fainberg from Miami. Find episode on: In 2011, Matthew VanDyke is watching news coverage of the Libyan Arab Spring, and decides to join the rebels. American mother Ruthie Lambert turns to drug trafficking to help make ends meet. For the first time, Charles tells his story of how he infiltrated the Vagos, one of the most violent biker gangs in the US. New York Seltzer Vanilla Cream Soda, Although he knew he could face the death penalty if caught in Thailand, the money was too tempting to pass up. Struggling Single mom Melanie Di Egidio risks all in exchange for a quick buck, but when the plan goes wrong Melanie is busted with 6 kilos of heroin, caught up in a high-profile sting and sent to a tough Ecuadorian prison. A broke young Londoner gets an exciting offer to work in his dad's bar in Thailand. Two agents told him that they'd been tapping his phone for months. Liverpudlian Billy Moore moves to Thailand to start a new, happier life, but instead he gets addicted to the drug Yaba and loses control. Two girls are found to have 14 kilos of drugs in their bags. Desperate for money, South African Robert Pringle agrees to smuggle cocaine out of Peru. The fear was well founded, considering what went down when Tarzan linked up with Cuban outlaws Juan Almeida and Nelson "Tony" Yester. Vivian Carrasquillo agreed to smuggle drugs for cash. English MDMA dealer Shaun Attwood attracts the gaze of an Arizona mafioso. Like a concert pianist, Tony Galeota has spent his life honing a single skill since he was a teenager. And multiple sources close to Fainberg say he was pressured to rat out Seidle but refused. "Encarcelados en el extranjero" (Eng. Latasha, a dancer from L.A, is caught with her boyfriends heroin in Bangkok. Three days before the run, she found out she was pregnant, but she'd already spent too much of the drug dealers' money to pull out. A civilian truck driver for the U.S. military is taken hostage by insurgents in war-torn Iraq. A drug dealer goes undercover to infiltrate a deadly biker gang; a Hasidic man is an unexpected smuggler. Banged Up Abroad. 2.3k. [2] Fainberg lived in Miami between 1990 and 1997 and owned a topless bar called Porky's, named for the movie. But when life goes from bad to worse for the youngster and he lands himself in the world's most notorious prison their relationship is tested to its limits. After being apprehended, she must serve time and can only keep her son with her for his first three months. A young American dancer is sent to the "Bangkok Hilton.". Most episodes feature stories of people who have been arrested while travelling abroad, usually for trying to smuggle illegal drugs, although some episodes feature people who were either kidnapped or captured while they were either travelling or living in other countries. Banged Up Abroad: Prison Nightmares recounts some of the worst prison stays experienced by travelers who found themselves on the wrong side of the law far from home. Englishman Shaun was seduced by the money and glamour of drug dealing. The episodes focus on the events leading up to the arrest or time in captivity. To escape a life of poverty, a young Chicago gangster is drawn into smuggling drugs for a dangerous Mexican cartel, until the day it all goes wrong. Dancer Andrea defies gender norms when she becomes an international success in the cocaine business before the Australian authorities catch up to her. But they are kidnapped by insurgents who think they're American spies. Her luck runs out and she ends up in one of the world's largest jails. : "Arrested beyond border"), "Kabusa Dnen Yolculuklar" (Eng. Anywhere other than La Joya, this news would be shocking. 2013-05-28T23:00:00Z 45 mins; 159. However once in the middle of an inhospitable desert a betrayal between the two men occurred and they were captured by the Mukhabarat, Saddams infamous and terrifying secret police force, and plunged into a brutal world of torture and execution. A 70s hippie and his naive pal are small time dealers selling hash to Boston college kids, until they get approached by a Colombian cartel keen to use their skills. At age 28, Tim Schrader left Australia to work as an English teacher in Bangkok. Tony Galeota's shaved head fairly glows with nostalgia as he remembers the days when you might have strolled into his Hialeah bar in search of commercial sex, or maybe to get beaten . Jerry and his accomplices are busted when their plane stops in Moscow; they're sentenced to a lengthy spell in a Russian labor camp. When he agrees to body-pack 13 bags of drugs from Thailand to Sydney, his lifestyle is about to change. Ryan Phillips leaves hockey to become a marijuana smuggler. She has no idea why he is not there to meet her - until he calls. SEASON 12. Banged Up Abroad (rebadged as Locked Up Abroad in Asia and the United States, and Jailed Abroad in India, for the National Geographic Channel) is a British documentary/docudrama television series created by Bart Layton that was produced for Channel 5 and that premiered in March 2006. Season 5. Jimmy Bauer is on the cusp of breaking into the music industry and only one thing stands in his way. Eddie shares his story of being Locked Up Abroad and the terrifying events that led to his freedom. Fellow smuggler mom Zara discovers she is pregnant again before she too is imprisoned. Miami Mobster Take Down: Directed by Robin Dashwood. The FBI swooped in January 21, surrounding the club and arresting Fainberg. Rick Cedar steals radios to support his family. Some episodes have featured real-life stories that first became well known when they were made the subject of a film: films that have been 're-made' in this way include Midnight Express, Goodfellas, The Devil's Double, Argo, Mr Nice and, to a lesser extent, Casino (with the story of Frank Cullotta). Hours before their return, the true nature of the trip is exposed. Clare travels to India, but when money gets tight, she sends hash illegally to Europe in the mail. Can he prove his innocence and escape? Grieving Bronwyn is lured into smuggling cocaine. Episode 8. Watch Locked Up Abroad Season 13 (2020) all episodes online on Spectrum On Demand and fuboTV. Travelers share stories of being arrested in foreign countries. Along the way she makes friends with English backpacker Laura who is also travelling to Paris. Searching for drug labs in Colombia, Keith is kidnapped and held for years. Vegas 1979, and Frank Cullotta's 'Hole in the Wall' gang is becoming notorious. Miami mobster Tony Galeota is framed and locked up in Panama. TV-14 | 03.04.2020. Unaware that its illegal in Jamaica, the women are caught and must survive together in an overcrowded, pest-infested jail. Release Calendar Top 250 Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Movie News India Movie Spotlight. But when he's caught at the airport in Caracas, it turns into the worst decision of his life. In the mid-1990s, Fainberg attempted to purchase a Soviet diesel submarine for use in drug smuggling for a Colombian cocaine cartel. Chef Gordon Malloch bootlegs wine in Saudi Arabia, becoming the toast of the ex-pat scene - until he's caught. Michael Singh loses his job in recruitment and gets a divorce. TV Shows. Two incredible stories of American heroes: Vietnam prisoners of war Senator John McCain and Ernest Brace find a way to survive imprisonment together, forging a lifelong friendship. Latasha Madson, a dancer from Los Angeles, gets an opportunity to dance in a club in Thailand. Discover the true story behind the Oscar-winning film 'Argo', and Mendez's daring plan to rescue six diplomats during the Iranian hostage crisis. Drug runner Chris Heifner turns informant. Privacy Policy Within weeks of its April 2011 opening, the club was raking in $6,000 on good nights. Michael James Duggar, Davon soon finds himself enslaved by the corrupt cops' greed. S10 E10 - Miami Mobster Take Down Tony Galeota is framed for drug trafficking in Panama City. Struggling single mom Melanie Di Egidio risks all in exchange for a quick buck, but when the plan goes wrong Melanie is busted with 6 kilos of heroin, caught up in a high-profile sting, and sent to a tough Ecuadorian prison. Reptile smuggler Tom Crutchfield flees the feds in Belize. Episode 3: New York/Brazil/Mafia Terminator. Young Scott Campbell travels to Pakistan to meet his nomadic father for a trip along the Silk Road; little does he know, his estranged dad is actually a cannabis smuggler with big plans. You have been unsubscribed from our newsletter. British man David Scott meets Cynthia, a Filipino woman, on the internet and a whirlwind romance begins. When Susan Haglof forged a birth certificate after a shady adoption in Egypt, she faced the possibility of being imprisoned and losing her baby. ", Instead, he found another, tighter-knit family: the mob. Julie meanwhile has gone to meet him in Amsterdam. : "Locked up abroad"), " " (Eng. Then disappointment turns to terror when on her way home she's arrested for drug trafficking. Become a great cook with help of the best chefs and their best recipies. All rights reserved. The tale of Chris Chance, whose daredevil life smuggling cannabis into the UK concealed in a rubber body suit led to a nasty prison sentence. Meth dealer Jimmy is busted in Thailand and sent to prison. He falls deep into depression until Andre, an old acquaintance, offers him a job smuggling cocaine. Determined to prove his innocence, he made a further daring escape attempt disguised as a woman, but was recaptured. El Paso, 1989: Alex Silva is a bored and disaffected teenager, whose life is going nowhere fast. Jew Samuel Leibowitz dreamt of being a drug kingpin. : "Jailed abroad"), "Preso en el extranjero" (Eng. Garrain Jones gets caught smuggling heroin. The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth: Season 8, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power: Season 1, Link to Marvel Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer, Link to The Most Anticipated TV & Streaming Shows of March 2023. When Miami mobster Tony Galeota opens a club in Panama City, the competition frames him for drug dealing and human trafficking. Single mom Melanie Di Egidio is arrested in Ecuador. Tony Galeota is framed for drug trafficking in Panama City. When individual episodes have scores, they will influence the final season score. Guards stop smugglers at the Greek border. 2020. Almeida was a specialist in obtaining black-market goods . A fantasy vacation in Mauritius turned into a seven-year nightmare when Brigene Young was busted for smuggling drugs hidden in her shoes. Orthodox Jew Samuel Leibowitz dreamt of making millions as a drug kingpin in Brazil, leading to a terrifying spell in the deadly Carandiru jail. Born in Odesa, Fainberg left the Soviet Union in the early 1980s for Israel, and moved to the United States following the fall of the Soviet Union. Tony had family in London and Zoe and Olu invited him to stay in their house. With extra scenes; a drug cop goes after a cartel boss. In 2003, Zoe McGarry's life changed forever after a chance encounter with a man called Tony. Hell stop at nothing to get his man, but when tragedy strikes, vengeance takes hold, and he makes a fatal mistake that tears his world apart. Thanks to Tina, Dani and Alex for making this such a special production . In Maui, Eddie Padilla is living a bohemian paradise funded by drug smuggling. Struggling musician David Evans agrees to smuggle cocaine from Venezuela to Europe. Seduced by the danger and the dollars, they soon become multimillionaire importers, shipping tens of tons of marijuana on freighters up the West Coast, until one of the biggest busts in US history forces them on the run to Bolivia. A young father learns a hard lesson chasing a gangster lifestyle when he is set up as a decoy on a smuggling trip from Peru. Menu. The story of Eddie Padilla, who helped form the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, dedicated to smuggling dope across the Mexican border. 17+ Panama's judicial system is outdated and overburdened, she says. Terms and Policies schedule. Galeota's sheer size and mob connections are the only things keeping him from getting shivved in the . When caught at Bangkok airport shes sentenced to life at a notorious Bangkok prison. In 1977 Jake Stanford was fresh out of high school and headed off to Mexico in search of adventure and excitement. By day she's pulling poses on the beach, and by night she's packing meth into gift sets, until one journey brings her whole world crashing down. Galeota is one of several Americans locked up here. Struggling single mother Zara begins smuggling drugs only to discover she is pregnant again. Banged Up Abroad: Crime & Punishment: Tricked Into Trafficking. He finds himself in one of the world's most violent and corrupt penal systems. Briton David Scott tells the story of finding his soulmate in the Philippines - and risking a 14-year prison sentence for adultery. : "Dangerous Journey"), "Fra Paradis til Helvede" (Eng. For Michael, cutting his dreads was like selling his soul, but he didn't think there was another choice. Matthew VanDyke was captured by Qaddafi's men. Canadian rising hockey star Ryan Phillips smuggles marijuana into the US. Incarcerated in a brutal Soviet prison camp in the 1970s for smuggling heroin, American Jerry must leave his friends behind to make a daring escape. The FBI captures mobster Frank Cullotta, who lifts the lid on the mafia's Vegas rule. Reptile smuggler Tom Crutchfield flees the feds in Belize. Locked up in La Joya, one of the worst prisons in the world, Galeota must fight for his life, prove his innocence and attempt an audacious escape back to the United . On the day of his departure, he was duct taped with almost 4 kilos of cocaine. : "Locked Up Abroad"), This page was last edited on 16 February 2023, at 14:29. When an old acquaintance comes to him with a shocking proposition to swallow and smuggle heroin, Bauer takes the gamble of a . See All. Did they manage to escape prison and make it home? Tap "Sign me up" below to receive our weekly newsletter with updates on movies, TV shows, Rotten Tomatoes podcast and more. All was revealed when this great episode went out on air in February 2020. By continuing, you agree to the Privacy Policy and In 2009, South Africans Debbie Callitz and Bruno Pelizarri sell everything to buy a yacht and pursue their dream of sailing to India. When Miami mobster Tony Galeota opens a club in Panama City, the competition frames him for drug dealing and human trafficking. For $1,000 a trip, Tim arranged fake marriages with Thai girls and flew with them to other countries. Henry Hill, the inspiration for classic movie 'Goodfellas,' tells the complete true story of his rise and fall in the New York mob and the details of his life not included in Martin Scorsese's film. In Spokane, Washington, teenage street racer Rick Cedar is overwhelmed to find out his girlfriend is pregnant. : "Locked Up Abroad"), " " (Eng. Home > Locked Up Abroad: Breakout > Season 3 > Episode 8 TV Season Page. On the journey home they crash-land, with the Mexican police hot on their heels. Can he prove his innocence and escape? The fifteenth series began airing in October 2022. "Russian Submarine Drifts Into Center of a Brazen Drug Plot", "5 business calamities that delivered world-class entertainment", "Meet Leonid Fainberg, The Ultimate Ukrainian Mobster",, This page was last edited on 27 January 2023, at 22:16. He is featured in the Documentary Operation Odessa. Florida Joined September 2012. With Alex Andreas, Ricardo Burgos, Tony Galeota. An ambitious DEA agent goes after a notorious Mexican cartel leader but gets sucked into a dark and treacherous world where the lines between good and evil are blurred. When a lifelong gun runner and drug dealer infiltrates the Hells Angels biker gang for a million-dollar payout, he gets swept up in a horrific murder hit. : "Arrested Abroad"), " " (Eng. She never thought anything could go wrong - her partner in crime had done it 12 times before. Two freelance journalists travel to war-torn Somalia, but the price to tell their story will be more than a year in captivity after they are kidnapped by a criminal gang. Meet Tarzan, Fat Tony and the other characters who operated Porky's. By most accounts, it was the sleaziest strip club in South Florida. The 43-year-old is shaped like a mini refrigerator: short and squat, with a shaved head and wide-set emerald eyes. In South Korea, English teacher Jesse Moskel becomes the kingpin of a huge MDMA smuggling operation, and one of South East Asia's most wanted men. TK's family secures her release back home to New York after paying a lawyer, but now, the guilt-ridden TK must convince her girlfriend's grandmother January 2000: Major Phil Ashby has joined the United Nations to disarm warring factions in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Locked up in one of the world's worst prisons, Tony has to prove his innocence and attempt an audacious escape. Struggling addict Andrea starts importing cocaine into Australia. The two fled Panama into Costa Rica via boat and hid out until they could get their passports stamped which would allow them to leave Costa Rica. Succeeding in the chauvinistic drug-world. Canadian rising hockey star Ryan Phillips smuggles marijuana into the US. Mark OBrien joins an ashram, but some bad choices land him in prison. Then they are boarded by Somali Pirates and held at gunpoint. But in Mexico his life is changed forever when he's falsely imprisoned and tortured for drug smuggling. SEASON 12. Share on: Shop Packages. Mark Greening breaks the golden rule to never body-pack hash, and enhanced airport security for soccer's World Cup in Tokyo gets him busted. Surfers Mike and Mace were caught smuggling marijuana while sailing down the Mexican coast. In Jamaica, TK White and her girlfriend are funding their vacation by smuggling marijuana. Banged Up Abroad: Crime & Punishment: Holy Rollers, Banged Up Abroad: Crime & Punishment: Insane Escapes, Banged Up Abroad: Crime & Punishment: Euro Trip, Banged Up Abroad: Crime & Punishment: Guns, Snakes And Planes. Tony Galeota's shaved head fairly glows with nostalgia as he remembers the days when you might have strolled into his Hialeah . After a few days, the women head back to the airport with suitcases that barely conceal the drug packages. What he finds are bloodthirsty child soldiers controlled by a menacing rebel warlord. He knew that the owners of a local strip club called Moulin Rouge David Fridman and Jake Lita (an Israeli wanted by German police on human-trafficking charges) had a business offer for the duo. . But when a local Mafia boss took offence, his world turned upside down. He starts working for a crime gang in the Costa Del Sol and is enamored by the gangster lifestyle. A stripper makes an insane prison escape in Peru; a group of friends make an epic bid to dig a tunnel out of a Mexican prison in the '70s. Tony Galeota, Self: Operation Odessa. Michael Morey was a music-loving hippie who fell in love with a woman he met in Trinidad. But he was too shell-shocked to take up his attorney's offer for a ride to a nice hotel. : "Imprisoned Abroad"), " " (Eng. Greg realized his only chance of survival was to escape. An arms dealer goes undercover to stop a terrorist plot. In a few of the cases, at the end of the episode, the convicted are shown sitting with hand-cuffs on if they are still in jail. Travelers share stories of being arrested in foreign countries. Californians David and his friend Tom start smuggling suitcases of marijuana to Hawaii in 1969. After arriving in Madrid, he nearly Drug smuggler Howard Marks' operation is busted and he goes into hiding. Garrain Jones moves to L.A and launches a modeling career. S10 E10 - Miami Mobster Take Down Tony Galeota is framed for drug trafficking in Panama City. A broke young mom is desperate for a lifeline out of her misery. For the next task, Alex, who has never been south of Juarez, will have to drive deep Falsely imprisoned in Mexico, Carlos must get tough to survive. The story of how three hustlers schemed to sell a Soviet submarine to a Colombian drug cartel for $35 million. Christina, a 21-year-old Canadian, spends money on partying and taking drugs. [1] In most cases, the convicted or captured have returned home. A swimwear model becomes a drug-smuggling empress. When Kahlilah Saleem meets big-shot music producer Roy her life is completely transformed. Veteran soldier Brett heads to India to overcome his PTSD but is tempted into smuggling weed out of the mighty Himalayas to Europe. After Chris Heifner is busted with marijuana, he is betrayed by his best friend. , and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes. : "Imprisoned Abroad"), " " (Eng. Can he prove his innocence and escape? Locked Up Abroad. Trying to move on, she decided to go to Japan. But when he opens a new club in Panama City, the competition isn't happy and frames him for drug dealing and human trafficking. In a back room, drug authorities found 10.5 kilos of heroin in his Henry Hill, the inspiration behind Martin Scorseses movie, relives his descent from Mafia wise guy to a spell in Terminal Island Penitentiary. A young mom addicted to crack takes her daughter on a risky drug smuggling job in Venezuela, but her world collapses when the two are torn apart. Signed in. Stripper, Garrain Jones, hits the big-time when he stars in a Beyonce video but then loses it all when he gets caught smuggling heroin through Europe. Also in the '70s, five Americans imprisoned for smuggling marijuana desperately plan an escape, digging a tunnel through concrete with just a butter knife and rocks. Shooting on for One Strange Rock Season 2. Eventually, Tony persuaded Zoe to visit him to help with his paperwork. TK White and her girlfriend are offered a vacation to Jamaica and $5,000 in return for bringing back marijuana. He deceives Julie by telling her he is going to Europe when actually he flies to Caracas Venezuela. 1/15/20. He was tempted into the shady world of drug smuggling, then got caught in Mauritius. : "Jailed abroad"), "Horror Trips Wenn Reisen zum Albtraum werden" (Eng. Debbie and Bruno are captured by Somali pirates. : "Travels turned to nightmare"), "orkirani u inostranstvu" (Eng. If their ransom isn't paid, theyll be killed. When some rebels turn in their weapons to Phil, the angry warlord goes on a violent rampage, and closes in on the UN team for revenge. So when a local drug dealer offers her the chance to bring a suitcase of cocaine back from Venezuela, she agrees. [inappropriate external link?] An American kid from El Paso drops out of high school and tries to make easy money by smuggling marijuana for some drug-running brothers from Mexico. When Miami mobster Tony Galeota opens a club in Panama City, the competition frames him for drug dealing and human trafficking. U.S. In 2004, the 20-year Navy veteran was working in Iraq when he was suddenly kidnapped. Eddie tells the story of his daring escape. After a smash hit, Latino pop star Jimmy Bauer has been dropped by his label, desperate to raise funds to self-promote his new single he agrees to swallow and smuggle heroin back to America. 90 120 709. Adventure-seeker Thomas Hamill took a job driving trucks in Iraq, leading to terrifying spell in captivity after being kidnapped by insurgents. is a platform for academics to share research papers. Dwight Worker decides to smuggle cocaine to America, concealed under a phony shoulder cast. Stopped by the police at the airport, Zara was given a five year prison sentence - she gave birth in Barbados, and, after three heartbreaking months, had to give the baby up. All rights reserved. Where to Watch or Stream Locked Up Abroad. A man buys illegal drugs in Mexico with counterfeit money. Tarzan eventually fled to Cuba and returned to Moscow. Latin pop star Jimmy Bauer smuggles heroin from the Dominican Republic. Ahead of them lies incarceration, attempted murder and the ultimate family betrayal. Texan Carlos Quijas is a happy, family man, whose girlfriend Anna is expecting their first child. Thanks to Tina, Dani and Alex for making this such a special production. British nurse draws ire of Saudi police after gay affairs. Surrounded, outgunned and vastly outnumbered, Phil risks everything in a desperate 50-mile escape through rebel-controlled jungle. Kijk mee met de verhalen van twee feestbeesten die totaal aan de grond zitten en hopen dat ze hun problemen kunnen oplossen door het smokkelen van cocane. When he's caught and thrown in prison, he loses more than his freedom. Episode 10: Panama/Miami Mobster Take Down. The trio planned to buy a Soviet submarine for the Cali drug cartel of Colombia for the purposes of trafficking cocaine. A Londoner heads to Thailand to work in his dad's bar. Banged Up Abroad season 13 episode 10 Miami Mobster Take Down : When Miami mobster Tony Galeota opens a club in Panama City, the competition frames him for drug dealing and human trafficking. Dealers threatened Robert's family if he didn't smuggle. "I wouldn't leave a dog in that prison, let alone my husband.". Tony Galeota is framed for drug trafficking in Panama City. After a horrific spell in Mexico's notorious Black Palace prison, would-be drug smuggler Dwight Worker vowed to escape - or die trying.

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